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Welcome back to our Client: Skymedical

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We honor our heroes in hospitals putting themselves on the line to make sure we are all safe during these troubling times. As our current situation continues, there is an increase in the need for supplies that our heroes in those hospitals will need to keep them safe and us safe. Due to this, medical manufactures and distributors are working hard to be sure those hospitals do not have to stress over medical supplies being safe enough to fight this pandemic. Medical distributors like Ibis Studio’s new client, Sky Medical, is on the job.

Who they are

Sky Medical is an international distributor based in the US who distributes medical supplies and equipment to clients in Latin America. Their products vary across several brands of medical and diagnostic equipments along with their own personal medical brand. Some of their products include surgical beds, x-ray equipment, hearing aids, cardiovascular diagnostic machines, and so much more. Part of what makes them unique is their customer service. If you come across any questions or concerns pertaining to whether or not Sky Medical has the right products for you, then their customer service team will be happy to connect with you and discuss their high quality equipment to find what will meet your patients’ need. One other positive is their extensive experience in exporting equipment and supplies internationally. Many changes had to be made in regards to the current climate with COVID-19. Shipping these kind of supplies internationally may seem risky. However, Sky Medical puts in place any safety regulations required to not risk exposure and maintain the safety of their employees. Plus their products are certified with the “Emergency Use Authorization” by the FDA. This means Sky Medical products such as disposal face shields, diagnostic kits, surgical masks, and medical protective masks are authorized and approved by the FDA to use for emergency cases in order to protect medical personal.

What we do

Ibis Studio is ready to help Sky Medical, every step of the way, continue to protect our health personal during this pandemic. In doing so, we will provide them with our best SEO services. With our SEO campaign, our goal to make Sky Medical have top rankings in search engines and help point potential customers to Sky Medical’s products. We do so through analyzing and connecting keywords/phrases from customers to our client. Once these keywords/phrases are matched, we optimize their placement throughout web pages and web content in a structure easy for search engines to analyze and therefore make those pages have high ranking. Ibis Studio is happy to help Sky Medical bring their COVID-19 products to any hospital who searches for them.