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Easy Blogging Tips for the Medical Professional

medical SEO servicesWhy should medical professionals have a blog? The purpose is two-fold: to boost search engine optimization, and to provide relevant information to new and existing patients.

It may seem inconsequential at first; after all, you’re a doctor, not a writer. But think about it this way – 72% of adult internet users have searched online for information about health issues. When they come across your blog and use it as a reliable resource for their medical questions, they are more likely to trust you and come to your practice in the future. That is why medical SEO services are so important.

Search engine optimization companies know that building a blog with quality content creation is an essential part of driving traffic to your website. This online marketing method works for every type of business, even medical practices.

To get the most out of your blog and to maximize the effectiveness of your medical SEO services, consider the following blogging tips.

  1. Write for your target audience
    Don’t know what to write about? Just think about common topics and questions you frequently discuss with your patients. Every topic, including questions about health conditions and treatments or about your practice in particular, can be framed as an interesting blog post. For instance, you can blog about procedures in which you specialize. Some patients may have a lot of questions or simply feel anxious about a certain treatment or surgery. To ease their worries, post some information about the recovery process or tips to help patients prepare for their procedures.
  2. Write in your own voice
    Blog posts can act as an extension of your bedside manner. To make your patients feel comfortable and at ease, write as if you were talking to them directly. Be direct, honest, and sympathetic.
  3. Use keywords
    To effectively optimize your blog for search engines, make sure you are utilizing SEO techniques. This includes saturating your content with keywords users are searching for. For instance, if you want your article to show up when someone searches for “macular degeneration symptoms,” you should include that exact phrase several times in your post as well as in the title.

If you do not have time to manage your own blog, you can hire a search engine optimization firm to handle all of your online marketing needs, including content creation for your blog and website.