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Welcome to our new Client: Galeria, The Premier Store for Bathroom Vanities in South Florida

Being inside most of the time has caused you to notice details in your home you never paid attention to prior. You walk into your bathroom and you sense that something is not quite right. Should you repaint the walls? Maybe you should shift the mirror a couple inches to the left. Glancing around your bathroom, you contemplate what it is that you want to change. Then you see it: your bathroom vanity. You had this vanity since you moved into your home and it has stayed the same. After you come to this epiphany about your bathroom vanity, Galeria will be your next stop.

Who they are

Galeria specializes in bathroom vanities with locations spanning across South Florida in Coral Springs, Hialeah, Miami, and oversized bathroom showroom in west palm beach. They are accredited to being the originators of bringing wood furniture elements to bathroom decor. One of the reasons why they are one of the top bathroom vanities in Florida is due to their many years of experience. With their experience comes their pervasive knowledge and excellent customer service. Their priority with every customer they encounter is to provide them with optimal levels of satisfaction. Everyone has their own unique style and Galeria has the bathroom vanity to match that style. If you have a modern bathroom, Galeria’s contemporary and mounted vanities are the ones for you. Let’s say you want a vanity with more of a sparkle to it, then mirrored vanities are the way to go. Bathroom has a rustic aesthetic? Then cottage style vanities can tie it all together. Even if you are searching for a classic flare, traditional is the vintage look for you. Aside from all of these vanities, Galeria’s products also include beautiful mirrors and cabinets.

What we do

Ibis Studio proudly welcomes Galeria as their new client. Galeria’s main objective is to bring the best customer satisfaction, and Ibis is ready to do the same for them. We will be doing so through our top tier SEO services. The services we cater to will include formulating keywords and phrases which will target and attract organic traffic to their website while checking pivotal fields are updated using our local geomarketing. Ibis and Galeria are one in the same in terms of wanting to provide the best satisfaction with our clients. We are ready to help others in South Florida find their one of a kind style with Galeria’s extraordinary bathroom vanities.