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Why Medical Practices Can Benefit From SEO Services

seo serviceSearch engine optimization — otherwise known as SEO — can be really helpful for nearly any business or organization. It’s something that can boost rankings for keyword searches, and because it incorporates website design as well, it’s a great way to put your most professional foot forward and show potential customers that they’ll be in good hands.

But many medical practices have been wondering lately, are SEO services really worth the investment? Are they actuallythat beneficial for the practice? Here are a few statistics to give you a better idea as to why search engine optimization services are so important:

    • It’s estimated that around 77% of patients use a search engine to look for a doctor’s office or medical clinic before they make an appointment. Many people aren’t just using search engines to find businesses — they’re also looking for information about medical conditions before making the decision to see a doctor. It’s estimated that around 72% of internet users have used Google specifically for this purpose. You might have a really great website, but if your website isn’t actually appearing on a Google search results list, then you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers.


    • Speaking of the search results list, it’s not enough just to be on one random page somewhere in the 400s — the majority of search engine users don’t scroll past the first 10 website listings (located on the first page). In fact, the top three results alone garner 60% of clicks. (To put that in perspective, the tenth result only gets about 2%.)


  • So now if you’re feeling like your medical practice is really missing out with this whole search engine optimization thing, you shouldn’t feel bad at all! It’s not too late to start. Despite the importance of content marketing and SEO services, 90% of healthcare-related businesses admit that their marketing team isn’t comprehensive enough to cover all the aspects of Medical SEO.

So now it’s time for you to think it over — what can an SEO service do for your business?