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Welcome to Our New Client: Sail Miami Now

Sailboat Charter Miami

Breaking free and getting away almost sound like a dream during these times. The everyday routine has you imagining an escape far off on the ocean. You long to feel the fresh sea air under the shining Miami sun. Luckily for you, this dream no longer needs to be imagined. Sail Miami Now offers you the experience only you could have envisioned for yourself.

​Who They Are

Rapidly Becoming the Top Sailboat Charter Miami has to offer, Sail Miami Now believes in the importance of getting away from everyday life. Aboard the Sun Odyssey 36i, you are guaranteed a one of a kind oceanic adventure. Once you step on the beautiful flagship boat, you are greeted with the modern, luxurious design made by French builder, Jeanneau. The interior layout includes 2 cabins, a galley, and an independent shower. Need an area for entertaining? The saloon seating stretches along both sides of the boat and a large table. From embracing the gorgeous views from the cockpit to jumping off the stern into the water, you chart the course that ensures your best experience. Charters can last from 2 to 8 hours including numerous services like kayaking, swimming, sightseeing, and fine dining. Sail Miami Now is ready for you come aboard and have grandest sailing adventure of a lifetime.

​What We Do For Them

Such with all of our clients, we want Sail Miami Now’s trip to success to be smooth sailing. For our new client, we provide them with our web design and SEO services. Our web design team will create the most unique, custom-designed responsive website matching the authenticity and extravagance that is Sail Miami Now while assuring the design remains user friendly. The SEO services we will cater to includes using keywords and phrases to attract local organic traffic to their new website, and assuring critical fields are up to date using our local geomarketing. We are delighted Sail Miami Now has let us join their crew upon this route to success.