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Promote your Medical Office online


Why you should promote your practice online?

Not-so-long ago, some businesses – especially medical practices – didn’t need to rely on SEO for marketing. They had traditional word-of-mouth referrals to do the job, and that worked quite nicely.

Nowadays, that’s simply not enough. Your patients – and potential patients – are searching for everything online, including medical care. And they’re making decisions quickly – sometimes instantly – based on what they find online. If your practice isn’t actively promoting itself with a strong SEO strategy, you’re losing out.

If your competitors are already out there promoting their medical offices with a responsive, robust SEO strategy, your lack of online activity is hurting you by making you look less savvy, less modern and less “in touch” with the needs of your patient base.

Why your old marketing plan just isn’t working

If you’ve been relying on print media or its more modern cousin, email advertising, as the cornerstones of your marketing campaign, we have some news for you: It’s time for an upgrade. Statistics show print media and email ads just aren’t reaching the desired end users – they’re either ignored, tossed in the recycling bin or vanished instantly to the trash folder.

Today’s patients are much more mobile, and that means they’re seeking information and solutions that can keep pace with their busy lifestyles. And if you think the Internet is too crowded for your site to shine through, think again: Today’s SEO strategies can be geotargeted – designed to appeal to your local market so your information is highlighted and designed to capture the attention of your audience.

SEO for Doctors

It’s different, and we get that

Online marketing for doctors is different from other types of online advertising. It’s subtler, and it needs to connect in a different way from, say, a company that’s selling a product. That means you need an SEO company that can reach your audience using the latest, most developed, most responsive SEO strategies available. Your website’s approach to SEO needs to incorporate not only the terms your patients are searching for, but it also need to consider the way they’re searching, adapting to mobile, social and traditional platforms to ensure the voice of your practice carries and delivers your message.

Like you, patients are busy. They only have a certain amount of time and available attention to handle incoming information. That’s why it’s so critical SEO for medical offices hits the target the first time, right out of the gate, and keeps hitting it even as the rules of the game change.

Here’s how we can help

At IBIS Studio, we understand online marketing for medical offices. We know what works, and we know what doesn’t. And we also know how time-consuming it can be to manage your online presence and capture the leads your website generates. That’s why we offer a comprehensive CRM solution that’s custom-tailored to the SEO needs of doctors. We don’t just focus on SEO to boost your search engine rankings and visibility.

We also research and deliver qualified leads who will contact your office directly – all you need to do is book the appointment. With our CRM, we can track email and pone leads and even record phone calls, delivering leads in a simple-to-use CRM platform that’s been developed specifically for this purpose.

With IBIS Studio, you won’t just boost your search engine visibility: You’ll boost your web presence, your authority, your trust factor – even your ROI.

Ready to learn more? Call us toll-free at 877-570-2568 or use our online contact form. We’re ready to help your practice reach new patients and new heights.


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