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Is there a link between customer reviews and SEO?

Search Engine Optimization Services to Grow Your CompanyAbsolutely!

Many businesses already know that sending out an email to request a customer’s feedback on a recent purchase gives them valuable information about how they’re doing.

A customer reviews and SEO program is a great tool for getting your satisfied customers to spread the word about your business and refer new customers. With some hard work and careful thought, those reviews can help tremendously with SEO efforts. Customer reviews can ramp up the online chatter about your business and help to build up your presence on the web. But how exactly does this help SEO?

Many review sites are popular among aggregators and scrapers because of their unique user-generated content. If you can get a link to your website inserted with your reviews you will generate new and valuable backlinks as that content is syndicated and re-distributed around the Internet. Even in cases where you can’t have a link, there is evidence that mentions of your company name are helpful for your SEO. The search engines see mentions of your company name as a positive signal; this is because spammers generally don’t have their company names mentioned – most are not real companies. This process can be complicated and time consuming but well worth the effort given the impact on both word-of-mouth marketing and SEO.

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