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What is the benefit of being #1 on Google?

  Google BenefitsGoogle and its user experience is constantly evolving. For a company that controls over 60% of the search market, it’s normal to hear the question, “How many visitors can we expect, if we rank in the position [x]?” What is the benefit of being #1 on Google? The latest study on the benefits of ranking high on Google. There have been many changes to the Google user experience since previous studies/surveys were published years ago. There’s a new algorithm, a new user interface, increased mobile search, and social signals. On top of that, the blended SERP is riddled with videos, news, places, images, and even shopping results. These calculations revealed an 18.2% Clich Through Rate  (people that actually click on the search results and enter the website they’ve found) for a No. 1 rank and 10.05% for No. 2. CTR for each position below the fold (everything after position #5) is below 4%. An interesting implication of this CTR curve is that for any given SERP (Search Engine Results Page), the percentage of users who click on an organic result in the top 10 is 52.32%. This makes sense and seems to be typical user behavior, as many Google users will window shop the SERP results and search again before clicking on a domain. THIS MEANS THAT IF YOU ARE ON THE POSITION #1 YOU WILL GET 18.2 %  OF ALL THE VISITORS THAT ARE SEARCHING FOR THAT KEYWORD. How does this applies to your business? Think of it as If there were 1000 possible clients per day walking by your door, being number one will make 192 of those possible clients enter. Source: The Slingshot SEO Google CTR Study Whitepaper: Mission ImposSERPble