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How a Well-Designed Web Page Can Help Your Business

Internet users make flash judgments depending on the appearance of your website. Having an unattractive website can cause people to click off of it quickly and not explore your services. In fact, 61% of mobile web users won’t revisit slow or hard-to-navigate mobile sites.

Nowadays, having a good-looking website is no longer a luxury. It’s a business necessity. Your website is a representation of yourself and your business; you want this representation to be accurate but also flattering. You want your website to accomplish its goal, which may be to increase sales or get your voice and mission to the masses. When creating or updating your website, it’s important to make sure your website is sending the message you want it to.

There are several crucial elements that make a good website. Review your website based on these specifications, and you may decide that a professional web design company might be able to help you. Continue reading to learn how a well-designed website can help your business!

It Will Improve Aesthetics

This one’s pretty straightforward: a website has to look good, but it needs to do more than just look “cool,” it needs to be user-friendly. Help visitors on your website find the information they’re looking for more easily. Utilize images and colors to call them to action. Recent studies show that internet users skim websites more than they thoroughly read them, meaning that the look of your site might be even more important than your content. You want to make it easy to collect any necessary information for your site because if visitors can’t find what they want quickly, they will go elsewhere.

The best web design is clean, professional, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. Web design trends change extremely quickly, so it’s important to have a web designer who can continuously update your site to reflect changing preferences.

It Will Increase Social Media Sharing

A better-looking website also increases the potential for social media sharing. Even if your website has great content, users might not want to link to an unattractive website. In fact, they may even look for similar content on a more polished website before posting it. Social sharing builds brand awareness and experts speculate that social media signals may soon be calculated into Google’s ranking algorithm.

It Will Improve Organization

As we’ve said previously, your site needs to be easy to navigate, and a good organizational scheme will accomplish that. The site navigation should be logical and consistent. About 61% of mobile web users will not visit a site again if it is slow or hard to navigate. Many customers will be irritated if basic website functions like navigation menus and company logos keep moving. People don’t like to feel like they’re wasting their time, so you want to make sure you make it easy for them to use your site. A consistent website that still leaves room for upgrades and adaptability is ideal, and the best web designers will find a way to balance the two.

Google employs manual search quality raters who go through websites and score them on the quality of content, usability, and design elements. This means that a good-looking and easy-to-navigate design could bump up your search engine rating even before search engine optimization or SEO marketing.

It Will Create That Certain Something

There are obviously a lot of different websites out there, and any search engine search will pull up page after page of results. How can you make users choose your site? You need to give them a reason to want to visit. There is no particular “right” thing to do to bring in visitors, but you want to try to make your site offer something that other sites aren’t. Perhaps add a slideshow of images or a YouTube video! The absolute best web design can actually get you exposure in its own right through CSS galleries that showcase site design. This can bring in traffic you wouldn’t have otherwise and keep people talking about your website.

Don’t let your website send the wrong message. The best web designers know how to make your site easy to use and appealing to potential customers. Web design firms have the expertise to make your website one that people will want to revisit and use as their go-to source for whatever information or services you provide. The best web design will not only boost visits to your website but will also boost sales for your business. Successful businesses know that the key is to engage the best web design services.

If you think your website could benefit from a more polished design, there are 116,528 web design services in the United States to choose from. Hire one that will make your website and your brand shine! Get in touch with us today at IBIS Studio to improve the look of your business’s website.