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6 Digital Marketing Strategies That Increase School Enrollment

how to increase enrollment

The answer on how to increase enrollment for private schools is simply utilizing digital marketing fully. Today, prospective parents are searching online for the best schools for their children right from daycare. The following digital marketing strategies will help you figure out how to increase enrollment in your school.

1. Have a Superb Website With a Great Web Design

Your school website is the first source of information for the parents who search for it online. You want your website to have a great first impression so that online users spend more time on the school website. Online visitors will not spend time on a complicated website that is not user-friendly. Web design is the reason 94% of visitors reject or mistrust a website. You must, therefore, invest enough time and resources to get the most user-friendly website that sells your school in the simplest way possible. Web design agency services will get you the best web design for your school website.

2. Tell a Unique Story of Your School

Modern parents are accustomed to online selling, having been the target of many online advertising campaigns throughout their lives. As such, they will tell when you are merely marketing your school from a business and profit-oriented perspective. Most parents will not buy into such marketing campaigns. Instead, they will search for the school that has a motivating and unique storyline. Most schools have a special thing that they do best, but fail to create a riveting story out of it. It may seem like a tall order, but a creative digital agency will get it done.

3. Use Videos on Your Website

What better way to tell your story than creating a video? Today, most online users want to find all the information they need under one roof. Most people will not forget what they see but may easily forget something they read. As such, having a few videos on your school website will help you communicate more effectively. Some of the best marketing ideas for private schools are relayed via videos. This is no surprise, given that 81% of marketers optimized social videos for mobile according to a 2017 report.

4. Utilize Social Media Marketing

Advertising your school on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram will help you reach a greater audience. Social media marketing is highly effective because you can target specific parents and children that are looking for schools. Additionally, you can use social media to distribute e-books, videos, and audio that tells the story of your school. This may include the vision, mission, and important milestones achieved by your school.

5. Search Engine Optimization

You have to optimize your school website to see results. Search engine optimization boosts the ranking of your website on search engines such as Google. This makes your school more visible and easy for parents and children to search online. It is key that you engage your local search engine optimization company to get the best results.

6. Instant Messaging Through Automation

Ensure that you respond to queries as fast as possible, so that prospective clients don’t go elsewhere to seek for answers. Remember that users who make a query on your website are interested in your school. Take the chance to convert online visitors into customers by urgently and effectively responding to their queries.

There are many more digital marketing strategies that schools can employ to help them figure out how to increase enrollment. It is best to engage a digital marketing agency near you to take advantage of digital marketing and increase your school enrollment.


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