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3 Marketing Ideas for Private Schools to Help Increase Enrollment

Quality education is one of the most important and valuable things a person can obtain. Getting into a good college, university, or trade school starts with a solid foundation that’s built during grade, middle, and high school. Sometimes, that’s enough of a draw in itself for private school marketing plans, but that’s not always the case.

Whether it be due to lack of exposure, poor reputation, or any other reason for dwindling enrollment, you need to constantly update and improve your marketing ideas for private schools. With the way the Internet and mobile technology have exploded in recent years, one of the best things private schools can do is take advantage of things like local search and content creation to drive traffic, interest, and ultimately enrollment.

Here are three great marketing ideas for private schools to help all of that.

SEO and Internet Marketing 

If you’re not already engaging in search engine optimization services than just enlisting the help of an SEO agency can help drive traffic and increase your exposure exponentially. Increasing your ranking on google for keywords like “private school [insert your city]” will likely have a direct impact on potential leads. Approximately 60% of all organic clicks go to the top three organic search results, according to Business2Community.

Targeted Content Marketing Strategy

Part of your marketing ideas for private schools should include content marketing. Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools in an SEO agency’s bag. Research shows that content marketing can lead to an estimated 40% increase in revenue for businesses, or in the case of private schools, that could mean increased enrollment. Good content marketing ideas for private schools include blogging about new studies that show private schools/smaller class sizes benefit a student’s learning, the level of safety in public vs. private schools, and advising against unpopular public school curriculums specific to your state, such as Common Core.

Promotional Video

Another great idea is to enlist the help of your own current students to make a promotional video of sorts for the school. It could be a “day in the life,” highlighting different unique aspects of the school or a montage of some of the school’s biggest achievements/projects/awards throughout the year. It will give prospective students a glimpse into what life is like and also show them they will have an important role in the school overall.

Marketing ideas for private schools can vary from big initiatives to the simple act of starting a small-scale SEO campaign. According to Comscore, about 12 billion searches are made in the U.S. every month, on average. By using these marketing ideas for private schools you can help to better ensure you’re found by the people considering this type of schooling in your area.