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Why Do Private Schools Need SEO Services?

Private schools are facing plenty of challenges these days: like all other schools, they’re striving to fill as many seats as possible and to enhance academic curricula, but unlike other schools, they have to compete to get their enrollment rates up.

At one time, it was enough for private schools to put an advertisement in the newspaper or on the radio and announce when their open house dates would be; these days, more people are turning online when they want to find out information (around 12 billion searches happen each month!). If schools want to keep up, they need to begin implementing online marketing strategies into their outdated marketing plan.

And that means turning to search engine optimization services — also known as SEO services — for help. Although SEO marketing might sound a bit terrifying at first, there are a few really important reasons why private schools need to start using SEO services:

  • Parents today know that their kids need a good education — and because of this, Millennials have become the most educated generation in American history (so far, at least). It’s estimated that around one-third of all Millennials now have a bachelor’s degree! Parents are putting more emphasis on education and they won’t settle for a second-rate school — so the competition right now is higher than ever.
  • SEO services incorporate a lot of different aspects into one online marketing plan: they can handle web design, social media outreach, and search engine page rankings. These services are a great option for schools that don’t have a full marketing team available to cover so many aspects of developing an online presence.
  • Now for the core of SEO: making sure that your website is ranking on a Google search results page in the highest position possible. It’s absolutely essential to get on that first page of search results, since 60% of page clicks go to the top three listings on the first page. If people aren’t even seeing your website on a search results page, it’s pretty hard to convince them that your school is worth the investment!

SEO services are used by businesses in nearly every industry across the globe — and there’s no reason why schools can’t benefit from this online marketing tactic, too!