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Private School Marketing: How to Increase School Enrollment

Operating a private school provides many challenges — one of the biggest is finding a balance when it comes to enrollment numbers. Keeping those numbers at a comfortable level will always be in the back of your mind. That’s why private school marketing is so important. You must look at different methods for keeping your school (your brand, if you will) in the public eye. SEO for preschools and private schools is one way to do that as it is absolutely crucial to make sure your school is able to be found on Google and the other major search engines, especially by those doing local-based searches. However, when thinking about how to improve private school enrollment, there is no ONE magic bullet solution. We’ve put together a few marketing tips for schools that may help you stay on track.

Look to Your Leadership 

Committed, visionary leaders who are dedicated to making the school a great place to learn and grow will naturally bring students into the fold. If you are struggling in a serious way, look at where you need to challenge yourself and your other leaders to accomplish more in your roles.

Develop the Brand 

What makes your school stand out from others? What is memorable and conveys your image in an instant — that’s your brand. Brands are commonplace in the retail sector, but they are often overlooked in education. Don’t let your chance to be memorable slip away.

Analyze your Goals 

Before you look too much into how to achieve full enrollment, make sure your goals are accurate. Where do you want to be? Why have you chosen those numbers? Spending some time analyzing your goals and making certain you are on the right path can go a long way toward helping you meet them.

Get the Parents Involved

Create a core group of parent ambassadors who are motivated to help you reach your goals. These should be parents who are excited about seeing your school improve and grow too. These parents should be able to help you reach other like-minded individuals — the parents of the kids you want in your program.

Expand Your Website’s Reach

How happy are you with your website? SEO for day cares, preschools and private schools will take you far. Taking the time to add the content that will get you found on Google is vital. Even if you have great word-of-mouth and other marketing going for you, Google (and the other search engines) are your best marketing tool. Add some fresh imagery, shareable blogs and dynamic content to make a big difference. This is especially the case if it is done with search engine optimization in mind. Excellent SEO enhances your marketing efforts and improves your visibility to the audience you’re trying to reach. Poor or non-existent SEO buries your site, so it is nearly impossible to find. If you ignore SEO, you’re making a HUGE mistake.

Go Social 

Social media is not just a “nice thing to have” anymore. It is a must if you want to connect with parents of your current students and perhaps meet new faces too. With an active social media campaign, you’ll be able to go far! However, don’t make it all about promotion — tell your story, share artwork, connect and BE SOCIAL.

Have a Community Event 

Whether you make it a Fall Festival, an Open House or a Holiday Party, do something to get the community into your school and show them why you’re special. Getting people in the doors can be the most important first step to take.

While you may not discover how to achieve full enrollment overnight, by implementing these strategies, you’ll see progress and begin reaching your goals one by one. Soon, you’ll have that WOW moment when it all starts coming together, and you’ll see increased numbers and a better bottom line.

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