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Why should You make a Facebook profile for your small business?

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Facebook is the world’s college yearbook. Everyone you know is probably on there, plus a few people you probably forgot you knew. According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, nearly two-thirds of marketers report Facebook as the most important social media platform. Social media agency representatives are on this platform, and your customers are there as well. Let’s take a look at why you should have a presence there.

Meta business suite is one of the most powerful tools

Facebook’s Meta Business Suite not only manages pages with the precision that WordPress’s tools suite envies, but it also creates a community hub that you can use to interact with your clients and customers. With Meta Business Suite, you can also manage your Instagram page and crosspost between Instagram and Facebook with ease. Making sure that your Instagram and Facebook presences are both closely monitored and spam-filtered will help you communicate with your natural customer base: Your neighbors.

Facebook makes video Ads and A/B testing a snap

If you don’t know these two technologies, then you need to get familiar as soon as possible by contacting our social media agency that is. Video ads have much more impact than conventional text or still picture ads, and they’ll get more clicks and more clickthroughs to your Facebook page. More clicks mean more potential customers purchasing items from your store.

Stories and clips

Short-form video became a popular medium as long ago as 2013 when Vine made its debut and has spread since. Facebook and Instagram Stories take this content format to the world’s most popular social media networks, promising that you will be able to reach your neighbors and customers with both funny and informative short content. A social media agency can help you make sure that you’re hitting the right balance of funny and informative to reach the right audiences.

Facebook is the gold standard

Facebook’s utility is that it’s a little bit of everything in the same place. You can play games, chat with friends, and micro-publish all from the same interface. Due to these aspects, Facebook can become whatever each user needs it to be, so you can target those looking for a business like yours.

There are plenty of reasons why your small business should be on Facebook, but they all come back to this: Your customers are there. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote on social media services from experts who care about your business.