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Welcome to our new client: Trinity Christian Academy

Welcome to Our New Client: Trinity Christian Academy

Education is key in the development of any child and their transition to older phases of their life. Very important values such as unity, respect, honesty, and responsibility are taught from home, but schools also play a big role in reinforcing and teaching new values. Finding a school that matches your family values, supports and inspires children in their growth, and teaches them new things at every stage of their development is not only important for you and your child but to the community and society as well.

Who they are

Trinity Christian Academy and Pre-School is not just a school, they’re a family. Knowing that your child is being taught by qualified and dedicated teachers in a loving, Christian, and safe environment is a great thing. TCA’s mission is to educate students not only academically, but socially and spiritually as well. Trinity Christian Academy is an institution that teaches students to learn how the bible relates to their lives. This form of education encourages students to question and inquire about God and doesn’t require or obligate families to be saved or attend any church. Their mission in the community since 1998 has been to help students reach their academic and social potential, always following the Standard of Ethics as required by Florida state law. TCA has graduates that have excelled in many professions such as medicine, nursing, physical and emotional therapy, law enforcement, architecture, financial administration, teaching, and more. Their education programs are not limited to pre-school as they offer elementary,  middle school, and high school college preparatory programs.

What we do

Ibis Studio is proud to welcome Trinity Christian Academy as our client. As with all of our esteemed clients, we are ready to go above and beyond with TCA. Our SEO services are going to help TCA reach top ranks in searches and become more recognizable on the internet. Our SEO and content marketing services will bring the right traffic to TCA’s website. At Ibis Studio our dedicated team of professionals will ensure and work towards making TCA’s presence known to parents searching for the proper education for their children.

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