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Is Digital Marketing for Private Schools Better Through Google or Bing?

seo for a private school

Like most businesses, private schools can also benefit from a well-crafted digital marketing campaign. The main element in any successful digital marketing campaign is SEO, which boosts online visibility. That way, more parents and guardians become aware of your private school and are interested in doing business with you. However, is SEO for a private school better with Google or Bing? Read on to find out.

Differences Between Google and Bing

While Bing might not be as popular as Google, it still offers many digital marketing opportunities. So it’s generally worthwhile to invest in both Google and Bing SEO. When it comes to the difference between the two, the main one is that Google now prioritizes search intent more than ever. According to digital marketing experts, Google updates its algorithm an estimated 500 to 600 times a year and most of these updates are focused on making sure that your content provides more value to visitors instead of being keyword stuffed.

Bing uses straightforward keywords, which explains why most digital marketers have noted it’s easier to convert with Bing. If you want to increase rankings in Bing searches, keep in mind that Bing also recognizes multimedia content, so you’ll do well to optimize images and other visual search aspects of your site.

Is Google the Ultimate Search Engine?

If you’re looking to optimize SEO for a private school, then it goes without saying that you need to focus more on Google SEO. After all, Google has the lion’s share of online searchers. So you need to focus on the main elements of Google SEO, which is quality content that’s actually helpful to the person reading it.

To do this, it’s important to know the type of search queries that people use when searching for you. Use the keywords from these search queries to craft relevant content that draws the user in and pushes them along the sales funnel. In addition, you should also focus on other aspects of Google SEO such as site speed, backlinks, and optimizing tags.

Does Working With a Digital Marketing Service Help?

As mentioned, Google SEO is important but tapping into Bing SEO offers additional benefits. If you want to make the most of your SEO for a private school, you’ll likely get better results working with professional digital marketers that understand both Google and Bing SEO. That way you can get the best of both worlds and attract more clients in the long term.