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How to promote your daycare business

Owning and running your own daycare business can be lucrative with the right marketing tactics. If you’re wondering how to promote your daycare business properly, here are a few key tips to consider.

Upgrade your website

If you built your daycare’s business website years ago, the times have changed – and you’re likely in need of a major reboot! Ensure your upgraded website is:

  • Optimized. Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to your website obtaining web traffic and gaining new business.
  • Properly designed. Web design is crucial for easy usability and accessibility.
  • Inclusive. Your business’s website should be well-structured, easy to read, and descriptive.
  • Mobile-friendly. This is key in today’s digital age. More and more potential clients will be looking at your daycare’s business website on their cell phones.
  • Properly linked. Make sure all of your daycare’s social media pages are properly linked on your website!
  • Navigable. Tab names and URLs should be self-explanatory for easy navigation.

Network online and in-person

Owning a business means you need to be willing to make friends wherever you go. Using a platform such as LinkedIn can help you network and find new daycare clients online. In-person, you can hold meet-and-greets for families at local preschools and shopping centers to boast your credible business.

Promote how you prioritize health and safety

When parents send their children to daycare, health and safety are key. This is why you need to promote how much you prioritize these two aspects of childcare. You can post on social media about precautions you take to ensure the safety and health of all children who attend your daycare. You can also start a blog on your daycare’s business website to write about these top priorities.

Engage with parents on social media

SalesForce Marketing Cloud reports that 83% of customers like it when a business responds to them on social media. So, as you post on social media daily, make sure you interact with your customer base. Like parents’ comments, and ensure all questions are responded to.

Host an open house

If you’re curious about how to promote your daycare business offline, hosting an open house is a great way to get new, potential clients in the door. Deep clean your daycare space, and set up a table with vital information about your business. Make sure you have business cards available and QR codes ready to be scanned so that parents can browse your daycare’s business website after leaving your open house event!

Wondering how to promote your daycare business? Follow the key tips above to ensure your business’s website, social media outlets, and networking abilities are turned into lucrative opportunities for your daycare business.