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What recent Google updates are affecting digital marketing right now?

According to SmartBrief, Google algorithms are estimated to be updated between 500 and 600 times annually. If that sounds like a lot to keep up with, it’s because it is! A successful digital marketing strategy needs constant updating. Recent algorithm changes require successful digital marketing agencies to update their approach, so keep reading to learn more.

Anti-Spam Measures

Spam is a constant scourge on the internet. Google and other search engines constantly update their algorithms to combat the problem. Marketers now need to pay attention to their links and how they’re affected by these changes. For instance, direct email campaigns must amend their approach when using links in their copy. Unnatural links often slip through and are counted as valuable content.

Several updates have been put in place to counteract these spammy links. Legitimate campaigns could also be affected by these changes, making this algorithm update one that all marketers need to pay attention to. No legitimate marketer wants to have their efforts stymied by anti-spam measures that are erroneously targeting them. As you can see, strategic changes are often necessary!

Content Classifications

Helpful content is one way that Google classifies information to help determine its rankings. Recent changes have also been made across the globe, affecting international marketers as well. This change will take about two weeks to be finalized across all languages and areas. This system update should allow digital marketing agencies to receive the proper content classification while identifying spam and other types of unhelpful content. This change will create a situation where current strategies must be altered to obtain useful content classifications.

Core Updates

Core content updates are a regular occurrence and happen at least yearly. This most recent update was rolled out following the spam and content classification updates. Google doesn’t reveal much information about the inner workings of its algorithms, but it is known that the core updates are used to enhance and improve the ranking process. These updates share the same goal: to reward quality content with higher rankings. As spam purveyors better understand the algorithms and adjust their practices to gain more favorable ranking results, Google has to launch further updates.

Do you need help with your company’s digital marketing? Keeping up with all of the changes can be a daunting task. As one of the top digital marketing agencies, we can help you create a strategy that will get your desired results. Contact us today to start the conversation!