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How to Improve Customer Engagement on Social Media

social media marketing strategy

Social media is a fantastic way to grow your business. Almost 50% of marketers around the world spend over half their marketing budget on digital strategies. Increasing customer engagement is one of the high priorities for any social media marketing strategy. How do you accomplish this goal? Here are three ways on how to improve customer engagement on social media.

Create Value

When people browse online, they are typically looking for information to solve issues in their lives, trying to learn something new, or trying to find something to entertain them for a few minutes. To get your customers to engage with you, give them valuable content they will find useful. Write about interesting topics and issues in your industry instead of promoting your product or service. For example: if you sell laundry detergent, create an article that gives customers three ways to use laundry detergent outside of washing their clothes. Grab their attention with something unique that will make them stop what they’re doing to find out more.

Use Chatbots

Another social media marketing strategy tactic for increasing customer engagement is to use chatbots. When customers have a question or concern, they may reach out to the business via Facebook messenger for answers. However, many businesses may be too busy to respond to these social media messages. Companies can set up an automated chat system on social media as well as their websites to answer common questions customers have.

With chatbots, you can collect important information to refine your social media marketing. You can use the Facebook chatbox that automatically pops up when customers visit your business page to answer some common questions that your customers may have. You can also use chatbots to deliver content and convert your visitors into subscribers.

Go Live

Social media platforms are offering ways for you to interact and engage with your customers using live video feeds. Live videos give you the opportunity to have a real-time conversation directly with your customers. These live streams typically receive six times more engagement than regular videos. You can address customers’ questions and concerns directly and customers feel more connected because they feel as if they have had a face to face interaction with you.

These are just a few ways to increase customer engagement with your social media marketing strategy. Focus on providing as much value as you possibly can for your customers. Take time to address any issues and concerns they have. You’ll be able to build a lasting and loyal relationship for years to come. Plus, you may be able to gain even more business as customers spread the word about their positive engagements with your business.