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How to Improve Customer Engagement on Social Media

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Engaging with your customers can provide a tremendous boost to your business. According to a Salesforce Marketing Cloud report, 83% of customers stated that they like it when a business responds back to them via social media. Knowing how to engage in the right way can turn your raving fans into loyal customers. Here are four tips on how to improve customer engagement with social media marketing.

Craft Compelling Content Carefully

One social media marketing strategy for boosting engagement is to create compelling content that your audience can engage with quickly and easily. Create a poll on Twitter, post an entertaining video on Facebook, or post a stunning product photo on Instagram. Whatever you choose, make sure your social media marketing triggers an emotional response. Make sure that the content that you post is relevant to their interests and preferences.

Respond to Comments Quickly

When customers leave messages or post comments, they are expecting you to respond. This shows them that you appreciate them and care about their concerns. Facebook even informs users how quickly you respond to messages and comments as a business. If they see that you respond quickly, this can increase their trust and help you turn them into loyal customers.

Do it Live!

Videos are growing more and more popular every day. Many people will spend three times more time watching a live video than a prerecorded one. It can give users the feeling that you are sharing a conversation together in the same room, which makes them more likely to tune in and engage.

In your social media marketing, use live video to share special events and announcements. Give your followers a sneak peek behind the scenes of your business. You can also use live video to unveil new product releases and give your customer base a first-hand look at how it works.

Request Your Desired Reaction

Instead of always reaching for the sale, reach for the share instead. Ask your audience directly for how you would like them to engage. You can ask them to retweet, share with their friends, or comment below your post. This lets your audience know that you care about their feedback and input. Interact with those who do engage and thank them for their contribution.

These are just a few tips you can use to boost customer engagement with your social media marketing. Engaging your audience is a never-ending task that requires your attention and dedication. You can enlist the help of social media marketing companies if you need more assistance with engaging your audience. They will be able to help you figure out specific strategies for the social media platforms you use so you can make your business an online success.