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How Content Marketing and SEO Work Together to Promote Your Website

Content marketing is a crucial online marketing strategy that involves using web content like articles, blog posts and social media to build repute and respect for your website, and also garner more traffic. These techniques allow you to communicate with your clientele in a way they can trust and appreciate, which can translate into increased sales.

Effective content marketing leads to a 2,000% increase in blog traffic, according to Marketing Sherpa. In 2014, marketers are projected to spend about $135 billion on new digital marketing collateral.

These developments have many people claiming that content marketing is the new SEO, or that content marketing will soon replace search engine optimization services, but that’s a reductive point of view. The truth is that SEO and content marketing work hand-in-hand to drive traffic to your website.

When content marketing with SEO first became popular, most top results entailed poor quality articles packed with irrelevant keywords. This contributed to such a poor online experience that Google created algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin to combat companies using these techniques.

This forced marketers from all camps, including search engine optimizers, PR teams and content creators, to put their heads together and adapt new ways to promote companies on search engines. While some companies settled for churning out poor quality blog posts to target certain keywords, others rose to the challenge.

Basically, the key to making quality content marketing work with SEO marketing is to create content so useful and relevant to the searchable keywords that people will read it and share it, building your legitimacy on the web. Content created just for the sake of stringing a few keywords together is not useful. Content that ties keywords together and is compelling, current and interesting enough to share is profitable.

However, many businesses still have trouble pinning down an exact way to measure the effectiveness of content marketing and search engine optimization firms, even though more and more money is being funneled into them each year. Going forward, businesses must keep working to tie their content marketing to the goals of their business in order to make it truly work.