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4 Marketing Strategies to Help You Attract Parents to Your Daycare

You may have opened a new daycare, or you want to increase your current capacity, and you’re wondering how to attract parents to your daycare. Don’t fret because an internet marketing company can help you promote your daycare business. Here are some of the daycare marketing strategies that will increase your daycare enrollment.

1. Set up an Engaging Website

Not setting up a website for your daycare business is as good as planning to fail. Conversely, a great website will be your number one salesperson and will help you increase daycare enrollment. If you wonder why a great website is so important to your daycare business, consider the following facts.

  • More than 48% of people say that a website’s design is the primary factor they consider when deciding a business’s credibility.
  • More than half of millennial women had given birth to a child as of 2018. This is important because your primary customers are young parents with kids. Remember that millennials largely depend on the internet to search for goods and services.

However, setting up a website is the first of many steps to help you figure out how to attract parents to your daycare. You will need to optimize your website for phone and desktop so that all users can have a positive experience. Additionally, the website should have fast loading times, relevant and updated content, and easy navigation. An internet marketing company will help you build a stunning website for your daycare business.

2. Invest in Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization will give your daycare business an edge over similar businesses in your local area. You want your daycare’s website to be on the first page of search engine results when internet users search for daycares. For instance, if your daycare is in Miami, you should rank for search keyword phrases such as daycare in Miami, the best daycare in Miami, and other similar keywords. There’s a lot of technical aspects involved to achieve this. That is why you should engage search engine optimization companies to increase your daycare’s organic search visibility.

3. Build and Maintain a Dominant Presence on Social Media

You should leverage the strength of social media advertising. Social sites such as Facebook allow you to target a specific audience that is more likely interested in your daycare services. You can create a page for your daycare on Facebook or join similar groups. Other sites such as Instagram and LinkedIn are also great.

In joining these social media sites, your goal is to create a vibrant and active community for parents looking for daycares. Go the extra mile, and keep your pages active and updated to keep your audience engaged. With time, you will gather a decent following that will boost advertising strategies such as remarketing and custom audiences. Social media advertising strategies will provide solutions and help you know how to attract parents to your daycare.

4. Your Offline Marketing Should Complement Your Online Strategies

Your offline advertising such as business signs, newspaper ads, flyers, and brochures should have your daycare’s website and email. This will give prospective parents a great chance to learn more about your daycare business by visiting your website or emailing you with an inquiry. Some daycare owners forget to include their website on their business signs. As a result, they miss out on potential online traffic. When parents drive past your daycare’s business sign or interact with your newspaper ads, they are more likely to check your daycare online. If you only have your phone and location address on your signboard, it will limit a parent who wants to check out what you offer before engaging you via a call or email.

These daycare marketing strategies will go a long way to help you figure out how to attract parents to your daycare. You don’t have to do it alone, because internet marketing companies will have your back.