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The 3 Types of Online Marketing for Doctors To Know in 2016

online marketing for doctors

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it. Doctors face unique challenges when it comes to online marketing. In some ways, the same challenges apply to other elite professions, like lawyers, but doctors really do face an uphill climb online. Perhaps that’s why many doctors and healthcare professionals are still learning about online marketing for the first time in 2016. In fact, one study found that in healthcare organizations, 90% of those surveyed said their organization lacked sufficient online marketing skills.

So whether you’re a doctor interested in bringing his long-time practice online, or a practice administrator looking to upgrade your local search engine marketing efforts, here are three popular types of online marketing for doctors to know:

SEO for Doctors
Our Medical SEO services focus on making a practice as visible as possible online, which makes it easy for potential patients to find you when they need to. That’s what search engine marketing is all about, helping you rank more highly on search engines (read: Google). Because according to leading experts like Business2Community, fully 60% of organic clicks go to the top three search results.

If you’re interested in pursuing online marketing for doctors, then you absolutely cannot afford to overlook medical SEO services. In 2014, the Pew Research Center found that 72% of all adult Internet users relied on search engines to research health issues. Healthcare SEO is just as important today as being listed in the phonebook was 30 years ago. It’s not enough to have a professional online presence. That presence has to be visible to local residents searching for medical information and doctors offices online.

Web Design Agency Services
So often, we visit a doctor’s website and find an outdated, poorly functioning page. While the website was probably cutting edge when it was made in 2011, it’s already ancient in Internet time. Not only will this turn off a huge amount of visitors, it will also hurt your SEO campaigns as well. Today, doctors without an inviting, functional, professional website are going to be at a major disadvantage.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns for Doctors
While some healthcare organizations have leveraged social media to their advantage, others have abandoned this type of online marketing altogether.

Many doctors are naturally reluctant to have a highly visible social media presence. Likewise, few patients are tweeting or checking in during their colonoscopy. And that makes SEO for doctors a challenge because social media chatter is a major indicator to Google of a high-quality site. Of course, that’s just one ranking signal, and there are ways to compensate.

The best local SEO company will know how to overcome these challenges, either by designing a social media campaign that works for you or by focusing on other crucial ranking factors.

No matter which type of strategies you pursue, anyone who ignores online marketing for doctors risks falling behind.

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