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3 Reasons to Invest in Better Web Design

improve rankings

Web design companies are often more essential to the success of a business than most people realize. It is the work of these companies that allows the marketing efforts of a business to be maximized, which helps both the business and the consumers! Investing in web design services can often make or break a marketing campaign, so check out our top three reasons you need to invest today!

Improve Rankings
Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential to a business, because it can improve rankings on sites like Google. ComScore reported in July 2014 that every month, 12 billion searches are conducted in America alone. Yet, when people conduct those searches, Business2Community reports that 60% of organic clicks go with an option in the top three search results. So you need to focus a part of your marketing campaign to getting into that top three. An awesome website is a key piece of that.

Impress Consumers
Consumers are, of course, your source of revenue. It is because of your consumers that you are able to stay in operation at all! So this makes it incredibly important that you wow them with a great website. About 48% of those surveyed said that a website’s design was the biggest factor for them in determining the credibility of the company. To do this, you’ll need someone who knows web design inside and out!

Content Marketing
Content marketing is a huge piece of a successful marketing campaign, both in terms of SEO benefits and consumer experience. Content marketing allows you to show off your expertise within your field. This way, when a consumer is looking for goods or services that you offer, you will be one of the first companies to come to mind! Once you have started a great content marketing campaign, web design allows you to make that content easily available for your consumers (and Google) to find!