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3 Ingredients to Promote Your New Bakery

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You got your start baking cookies and other goodies out of your kitchen and selling them at the local baked goods sale. Now your little home bakery is taking off and you’re starting a legitimate business. You even have employees and a great new commercial kitchen.

Unfortunately, you don’t know much about marketing your business and you’re unsure of what to do to promote it. So to help you spread the word about your delicious goods, here are some local business marketing tips to get you going.

First Things First
Your first step is going to be creating business cards, flyers, signs, coupons, and anything else that people can hold in their hands. Your business cards should have your bakery name, your name, a phone number, an address, social media handles, and a website if you have one. Flyers and should have some of the same information, primarily your location and phone number. All of these should have pictures, including your logo and images of some of your treats. Offer people a discount for coming with a flyer, people will be more willing to show up and use a voucher or discount if they can hold it.

Get Out There
People like being able to put a face to a business, especially local ones. A great way to promote your bakery is to display your work at local events and food shows. If there are any programs or events in your community that focus on food, contact the administrator and see if you can become a part of them. Consider supplying your baked goods for any of the general local events as well. If your community has a local farmer’s market, be sure to be there with your baked goods. Any time you get the chance to let people taste your product and get to know you and your bakery, you should jump on it.

Go Online
Being out there in person is a great way to drum up business and keep yourself relevant within the community, but it isn’t enough to completely sustain you. You’ll need to be online where people spend a lot of their time. Your number one priority is creating a website that reflects your business and encourages customers. You will need to make sure it’s mobile friendly, since roughly 50% of cell phone owners use their phone as their primary source of internet. However, this can be difficult if you don’t know how to design a website, so consider contacting a digital marketing agency to assist you. You will also want to get on social media as well, posting pictures of recently made products, offering specials, and promoting events. A digital marketing agency will be able to help you with all of your online promotional tasks.

You may not think a bakery has to do much networking or promoting to be successful, but it’s quite the opposite. Once you’ve established yourself, you can certainly slow down if you’d like, but ultimately you’ll have to keep doing it to stay ahead. Luckily, a digital marketing agency can help you spread the word about your baked goods.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for some time, call us today to get your business back in the forefront of people’s minds.