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Welcome to Our New Client: Axis Behavioral Health, Adult Day Care in Miami

Adult Day Care in Miami

Everyone deserves to be surrounded by a supportive community they call their own. The importance of community heightened in this past year. Senior citizens have been isolated the most during this pandemic. They deserve to be given an environment where they can live their lives to the fullest and maximize their independence. Ibis Studio’s new client is providing this environment and additional services to senior citizens with the help of a safe and loving community. Here is Ibis Studio’s new client, Centro Axis, Adult Day Care in Miami

Who They Are
Founded in 1997, Centro Axis was designed to accommodate senior citizens with a safe and supportive community. Their goal is to support elderly citizens to be independent, and live meaningful and fulfilled lives. With an incredible team of passionate caregivers, they guarantee their seniors are given the best care and assistance.

Their senior daycare services shines a light on how meaningful and colorful a community can be when given stimulating programs that bring a group together. An active social life is necessary, no matter your age. Centro Axis knows what social interaction and meaningful human contact can do for senior citizens, and ensures they are not isolated and welcomed into an enriched social community.

Health conditions can hinder a senior’s independence when doing simple tasks, but they will not feel their independence is being taken away from them when assisted by one of their supportive and loving caregivers. Seniors are also provided transportation, as Centro Axis believes the ability to get around is a fundamental right. Whether it is to doctors appointments or to visit family, seniors have the option to use the transportation as they please.

This Adult Day Care in Miami approaches senior care in a refreshing light that does not alter their quality of living, but enhance it. Through entertainment, activities, social events, and more, Centro Axis is changing how we care for our senior citizens, for the better.

What Services is IBIS providing Centro Axis
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