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On your marks, get ready and go! This is what your local SEO strategy needs to compete 

A good strategy is a must-have for any private school striving to stand out in search engines. With just some small strategy changes there can be a big difference in your local SEO presence. Effective local SEO efforts are critical for dominating local search rankings and outshining other schools in your area. Here are a few tips to strengthen your business marketing strategy and put your private school on the radar.

Optimize your content for local search

Optimized content is the heart and soul of any SEO strategy. If you’re a local private school owner looking to reach parents in your area, building a local content strategy is essential. Your local SEO strategies need to be built with location search in mind. This includes articles, quality blogs, and landing pages that help drive engagement and pull traffic to your site. Local content signals to search engines that your brand is relevant and provides information people want to see. This improves your relevance for “near me”, hyperlocal search queries, and also reinforces and strengthens your position among other schools competing for the local parents.

Update your business listings information

Inconsistent, incorrect, and incomplete details or information (name, address, and phone number), can be damaging to your local search presence. This also includes profile misspellings or minor typos that make it hard for Google to know which information it should trust. In order to build the brand alignment that the Google local algorithm is looking for, it is vital to update your business name, location, and contact details across online business directories and review sites. This can in return, improve your local SEO and boost your ranking and credibility on critical local search pages.

Create location pages on your website

Creating unique location pages can be an effective way to amp up local SEO. With each new location page comes a new online asset to rank in local pages and therefore connect customers or potential new parents to your school’s website. If you choose to add location pages to your website, be sure the contact and location details are accurate and aligned with other listings across the web. This improves customer experience, makes your business easy to reach, and provides an even bigger local SEO lift that turns your site into a local search magnet.

Incorporating a few local SEO tips can sometimes make a big difference to your digital marketing strategy. Putting your business at the fingertips of a highly motivated local market can be a huge success for your school. But as with anything SEO, it is best to talk to a professional at a Digital Marketing agency to adjust your strategy with the right tactics.

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