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Your Website’s Design Can Make or Break the Success of Your Business

Does web design really matter? Yes, it does.

Many people think that just having a website is enough. And while that is certainly a step in the right direction, you need to have a good website. It doesn’t need to be flashy, but it needs to be professional and user-friendly. A good web design service can help you with that.

It’s a well-known fact that with wifi, smart phones, and tablets — and this world of instant gratification — nobody wants to wait around for anything nowadays. Fifty percent of cell phone users use their phone as their primary Internet source, and 61% of those mobile web users say that they will not visit a mobile site again if it is slow, or difficult to navigate.

One study had participants do health information research that was of interest to them, and then rate the trustworthiness of the websites they visited. Of all the factors that were mentioned for rejecting or mistrusting a website, 94% were design-related, while only 6% were related to the actual content on the page.

Some of the complaints the participants had about these websites were their complex or busy layouts, lack of navigational aids, boring web design, pop up ads, and poor search facilities. This should give you some idea of what to look at with your own website. Web design consulting can give you an idea of the kind of improvements that can be made to your site.

Web design companies are experts in search engine optimization SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing and online advertising. They know how to make your website appealing to visitors, and how to get it out there to potential customers. Quality SEO advertising is considered a necessary part of modern web design, and they can provide the SEO tips to get your site to the top of the search results.

Your website does not have to be an elaborate multimedia site, but you do need an eye-catching and informative destination. After all, you wouldn’t (purposefully) hang an ugly sign on your storefront or office. Why would you present an ugly website to your prospects?