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Web Design: The Critical SEO Link Between Compelling Content and End-User Action

 Compelling ContentLoyal readers of this blog know that SEO is all about Compelling Content. But not just any content. Successful firms roll out compelling, action-based content that users are inclined to share with their friends. And that’s where things get interesting. Ultimately, we’re talking about two discreet steps: one, creating the content; and two, marketing it. For many companies, the first piece isn’t so hard. While it’s true most small business owners don’t have the time to write up blog posts, the fact remains that they, more than anyone else, are sitting on a gold mine of content, namely their own experiences and their understanding of customer challenges. But the coolest content in the world is useless if no one reads it. And this is where design comes into play. Your site must be attuned to your SEO demands, both in terms of the back-end architecture and its interface. The site must be social media friendly, so that it’s easy for people to share the content. And lastly, it always helps to have experienced graphic designers around to transform seemingly drab content into exciting, graphically-rich info graphics or even videos. Regardless of if you feel comfortable with your ability to create content, you need an experienced delivery channel to get it in front of people. As¬†web designers in Miami¬†specializing in SEO, this is precisely what we do.