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Top 5 Ideas to Start a New Business From Home

Start a new business in Miami

If you are researching how to start a new business in Miami, the National Association for the Self-Employed has some suggestions for you. More than half of new businesses start at home, although they may later graduate to offices or retail locations. Much of where you work is personal preference. One rule of thumb: No matter where your business resides, you must make a business website to establish authority and legitimacy. Web design companies in Miami can assist you with your website, or you can take classes in web design in Miami regional colleges or workshops. Here is a list of several startup business ideas with minimal costs to begin:


If you have the skills, then starting an accounting company is one of the best low-cost businesses. Accounting companies generally have four or fewer employees, and accounting and bookkeeping are needed for every industry. For this business, you need a good computer, math skills and excellent accounting software.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an industry that is made up of primarily of freelancers who contract out to various companies. Your primary tools are your computer and software without the need for more than a drafting table and chair. You can do this job from just about any location, and that makes it easy to collaborate with clients.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography generally requires a studio setup, but that can consist of a room in your home with the proper lighting and camera equipment. Most of photography is digital these days, so costs are less, and companies can buy prints or digital files from you.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is on the rise, and you can join in with a home business selling commercial or residential properties. You need a broker’s license in most states, which can be obtained with a class and test.

Homemade Packaged Food

While many people find selling food is an attractive concept, before you start, check with your state and county Food and/or Health Department for regulations. Food sellers may need a license and/or specific handling and packaging in your area. Your kitchen may also need specific certifications to be considered a commercial kitchen.