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How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

How to use Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site that is primarily focused on sharing images. It is an easy site to learn how to use and an excellent way to drive traffic to your website or landing page. If you are interested in increasing your branding online, social media marketing in Miami using Pinterest is a good way to start. Any business can use Pinterest, but there are definitely some niches that do better on the site. Fashion, beauty, design, art, entertainment, DIY, crafts and home are all popular niches. However, since Pinterest pins and boards are searchable on Google, any type of business can gain traction with a bit of creativity.

How Pinterest Works

Pinterest is designed to simulate bulletin boards with images pinned to each board. Start by creating 10 boards with topics related to your business. The best practice is to use your business keywords in your board headings. Add a description to each board to make the topic of the board clear. Then you can upload images from your website as pins. Pins do better when the images are vertical. They show up better on the board and individual feeds. You should also include a description for each pin with keywords relevant to the image and a direct link to a page on your website.

How to Use Pinterest

Your Pinterest Profile

Your profile also has room for you to include a description with keywords, and if you are a local business, it is a good idea to include your city or region in your company listing. If it doesn’t fit, you can add it in the description. For better visibility, you can have your site verified by Pinterest by following the instructions on the site. You don’t need to be a social media butterfly to get traffic from Pinterest. Just spend a few minutes each day adding interesting images and sharing stories about your company.