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New Website Designed for Vera Gilford

Website Designed for Vera Gilford

Vera Gilford, J.D . is a speaker, author and leader in transformation and deep thinking (think tank). A former litigation attorney for the IRS in Washington, DC, small businesses, corporate America, and individuals.

Vera transformed from the legal bar to the drinking bar as owner of a hospitality/retail smoothie bar in Miami’s festive marketplace. As a business owner, prayer Chaplin and attorney, she has touched and inspired thousands of customers from around the world.

Her can be found at Barnes & Noble as well as other major book retailers:

Secrets to Losing Weight & Better Health reveals the common denominator between weight gain and the top five leading causes of death in America. It answers why the Millennial and X-Generations are contracting cancer at alarming rates and provides solutions to how you can lose weight and avoid being a health statistic.

Success Tips From my Lessons in Business Leadership and Golf, explores key ingredients for business and leadership success. To be successful in business you need the determination of a pit bull. Find your X-Zone where you master your inner game.

Mrs. Gilford visited our office with the need of the creation of an online presence that represent her as an author on the different topics she specialize in, without limiting her image only to previously published books. We delivered a freshly designed mobile response platform in which she can showcase current and future pieces as well and being able to incorporate with ease the many articles she has published during the years and have made her also a prolific and successful blogger.

For more information, please visit her website: