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Three SEO Secrets as Revealed by Google’s Matt Cutts

7460434194_7118b14e3dHow good is your website’s SEO? One name you should get familiar with is Matt Cutts. He is Google’s Webspam team leader. In other words, he’s one of the guys who has the most influence over search engine optimization techniques. His Twitter comments alone on SEO Secrets have sent shock waves through the industry at various points.

If you are looking for professional search engine optimization companies, you want to work with a marketing company that understands what Google is looking for, and strives to create valuable content accordingly. Here are three of his quotes, and what they can tell you about what you should look for in great SEO online companies.

“Some of the tools that we built… can also be used to spot link buying. People sometimes think they can buy links without a footprint… People need to realize that, as we build up new tools, paid links become a higher risk endeavor.”

What Cutts is saying here is that you should be wary of companies that offer, for example, 1000 inbound links for $50. The content these links will be inserted in will be of poor quality, making it easier for Google to spot. Don’t pay for companies who promise that they’re “invisible” to Google: websites have found out the hard way that this isn’t true, and that Google will demote such links, and participating websites.

“We’re turning the dial up to let people know that certain link spam techniques are a waste of money.”

The really cheap search engine optimization companies often operate out of Asia. While this does not guarantee 100% that the content they create will be of low quality, it’s certainly more likely when the majority of writers do not speak English as a first language. When content is of very low quality, Google will essentially see it as online spam. The associated links will be correspondingly awarded little or no relevance in regard to search results. In other words, this SEO might seem “cheap” on the surface, but its ROI will be incredibly low.

In a reply to a question about article directories:

“I wouldn’t necessarily count on that being effective.”

Have you considered doing SEO by yourself? One of the advantages of working with search engine optimization firms is that they have developed many of the necessary tools for SEO that you would not otherwise be able to access for your site’s development. Without those tools, for example, you might write content with keyword rich bios at the bottom and post the content to article directories in hopes that someone uses it on their site. As Mr. Cutts has explained, though, this results in a largely spammy approach to SEO that isn’t likely to be worthwhile.

What will you be looking for in search engine optimization companies? Let us know in the comments.