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Principles of minimalist web design for your company

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Minimalist web design continues to increase in popularity as many businesses find it increases their credibility. 48% of people say a website’s design is the main factor in deciding the credibility of a business, according to Ironpaper. Understanding the principles of minimalist web setup is critical to increasing credibility with visitors.

More White Space

Previous web designs focused on cramming more on a page. There was more text, more ads, more sidebars, etc. Minimalist layout focus on increasing white space to ensure the reader isn’t overwhelmed. Paragraphs should be short, with ample space in between them. It’s also important to avoid excess clutter on the page, such as several pop-up ads or images.

Fewer Buttons

Buttons and calls to action are a great way to encourage visitors to engage with your company. However, too many buttons can be overwhelming. Instead, focus on one call to action and button per page. This way, the client knows exactly what to click on.

Fewer Details

Most people want to include as many details as possible to make websites more attractive. Shadows for pictures, various fonts, and multiple forms of information are standard. However, a simple web setup is about using as few details as possible. A web design service will strive to do more with less while still making your website stand out from the rest.

Simple Color Palette

When creating a minimalist design, it’s important to remember that less is more. Instead of using a massive color palette to create constant stimulation, a minimalist approach focuses on only using a few colors. Select a color palette of three colors to work with. These colors could even be the ones in your company logo, so your client knows exactly what site they’re on.

Hidden Navigation

Another common thing a web design service will do when creating a website is to hide the navigation. Opt for a drop-down menu instead of menus and sidebars in a visitor’s face. This provides the same navigation while sticking with a simple layout. However, making the drop-down menu easy for visitors to find is crucial.

Fewer Images

For a long time, the thought was that more images on a page are better. They help break up text and provide a visual aid for visitors. Both of these are still true, but focusing on using white space to break up text instead of images is essential. As a general rule of thumb, include one picture for every 500 words on the page.

Minimalist web designs are trendy and aren’t going out of style soon. Working with a professional team who can help you instantly transform your website. Contact us for more information today!