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4 key characteristics of excellent healthcare web design

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If you’re in charge of a healthcare clinic’s marketing efforts, one avenue that needs considerable attention is web design. With 94% of people citing web design as the reason they mistrust a website, you need an efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and engaging page to get patients into your clinic. Here are four key characteristics any web design service will ensure your healthcare site contains.

1. Informative

There is nothing more frustrating than coming across a website that lacks important information, like a working phone number, the names of medical professionals, and the exact services offered. With professional business website design services, your potential patients will have all the information they need to schedule an appointment.

2. Easy to navigate

When a parent, young adult, or older adult is trying to find a medical service, they may be in a rush. Because of this, every healthcare clinic website needs to be easy to navigate. It should contain clearly-labeled tabs like Home, Services, About, and Contact with subpages under the proper tab. For example, FAQ and Blog pages should be nestled under About, and a Patient Form page should go under Contact. However, keep in mind that the Services page shouldn’t contain too much information. There should be a different subpage for each type of service offered, such as Urgent Care, Physicals, Primary Care, and more.

3. Mobile friendly

The best web design service will ensure your healthcare clinic’s site is mobile-friendly. Since so many individuals use cell phones and tablets to look up the information they need, it’s crucial that potential patients can find and navigate your clinic’s website on any device easily. If they can’t, then they may move on to find another clinic.

4. Visually appealing

While a website should be informative and organized, it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing. There should be a clear color scheme as well as consistent font usage and text sizing. Including diverse pictures of friendly healthcare professionals is a good idea, too, so potential patients can see who will be treating them or their children.

Web design services will tell you that these four characteristics of a healthcare clinic’s site are important. An informative, easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly, and visually appealing website will entice patients to check out your clinic in person. If you’re ready to work with an experienced digital marketing service to get your business website on the right track, then contact IBIS Studio today. We look forward to working with you!