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Online Marketing War: Google Won’t Like This At All

Many Internet users love to share links to content they enjoy so their family and friends can enjoy it as well. Unfortunately, when they’re using Facebook, this process is complicated. In fact, in most cases, users are sent to Google, forcing them to leave the Facebook app altogether. This isn’t a good online marketing tactic because it draws users away from the advertising dollars that could be going to Facebook and drives to Google, which, in essence, is a Facebook competitor in the online marketing field.

Facebook Is Testing New Features

Facebook is currently testing a button that allows users to post a link they want to share with just a click of a button, rather than going through the complex four or five step process this task typically requires. With this new button, users will have fewer reasons to exit their Facebook app, helping to keep them where they want to be. Facebook users will no longer need to locate the link and copy and paste it into their Facebook feed. This greatly reduces the number of clicks needed to accomplish this task, streamlining the process and reducing the chances users will be driven off of Facebook and onto the Google search engine instead.

Many Benefits for Facebook and Users

In addition to improving the overall user experience, this new feature would be an excellent online marketing tactic for Facebook. They feel this change will increase the activity of their users,which can provide valuable information on what people are interested in, further assisting Facebook in targeting ads to the right people. When businesses realize Facebook will be able to put their ads in front of the right people a larger percentage of the time, they are more likely to dedicate more advertising dollars to this social media platform.