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3 Digital Marketing Must-Haves for Your Startup Landscaping Business


You’ve decided to branch away from corporate America and are ready to finally work for yourself, be your own boss. You get the funding you need to start your very own landscaping business, and soon enough you’re getting a few clients.

It isn’t as many as you initially thought, however, and you’re concerned that you might be doing something wrong.

It could very well be that you just aren’t marketing the way you should be. Here are some online marketing tips for the lawn care professional.

Your Website
If you don’t have a website yet, then you’re already behind. It’s a digital age where people use the internet for just about everything, including finding a landscape company. Digital marketing is essential to any business, even if your business is about the outdoors. So you need to create a website that is not only simple and professional, but that will lead to conversions, a.k.a new clients. You should also try to get a good domain name, something that will help people remember you. Your web address will also go on all of your offline advertising as well, like the side of your truck or your business cards. A digital marketing agency can help create a stunning and effective website for your business.

Content Creation
When you create a website, you need to continuously update it to keep it relevant. Google uses a specific algorithm that monitors your site and ranks it accordingly, so make sure you’re creating content that will draw people to the site and keep it ranked higher in the search results. According to research, content marketing can increase your business revenue by estimated 40%. Your content can be videos, blog posts, pictures that highlight your work, and more. You should focus blog content on helping people rather than promoting your business. Give people professional advice on how to maintain their yard and other similar topics.

Add a Feedback Option
People value peer reviews, so you should give your clients the option to review your work and company right on your site. This gives prospective clients the ability to read first-hand accounts of your work. If someone gives a bad review, you should necessarily take it down, but instead, reach out to them and see what it was that you did wrong and how you could improve it. Not everyone is able to be appeased though, so prepare yourself for not all positive feedback.

Of course, running your own business and handling all of this can be overwhelming. Luckily, you can hire a digital marketing agency to assist you with your online marketing and advertising strategies.

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