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New Trends for 2015 Web Design

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A website is often a customer’s first interaction with a company. If the design is unpleasantly colored, disorganized, or outdated, that first impression will not be a good one, and 94% of people reject or mistrust a website based on unappealing design. With so much riding on the appearance of a website, companies are spending more time with web design companies to make sure webpages look good. Once the website is built, they will consult with a search engine optimization (SEO) firm to make sure the beautiful new website gets all the exposure it needs.

Of course, like any other industry, web design development has trends that come and go.

The first trend to roll out for 2015 is a renewed emphasis on simplicity in web design. Larger, higher quality pictures and a focus on content will allow consumers to quickly retain more information. Part of the simple design focus is an increased usage of hidden menus. Hiding website menus at the top or left of the page until they are needed will allow more room for content on the main page. The best web designs will also incorporate simple fonts and bigger typography, immediately communicating the purpose of the page to visitors. Clearer text will also make it easier for the SEO agency to pick out necessary keywords for their objectives.

Responsive design will continue to be big in 2015, as web design firms consider new devices for which they will need to optimize the websites. In addition to computers, phones, and tablets, designers will also need to incorporate designs for smart watches and other wearable technology.

Another design trend that will make the SEO agency’s job easier is the shift away from click-heavy websites toward infinite scrolling. Websites that incorporate scrolling for information instead of requiring users to click on links tend to load faster, and websites with shorter loading times rank higher on lists of search engine results.

With approximately 141,400 people working in the United States web development industry, finding a web design agency who will be able to stay on top of emerging trends should be easy for companies. A good SEO agency working in tandem with web designers can help a company’s online presence thrive.

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