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Does Your Website Need a Facelift?

A company’s website is often the first exposure a consumer has to that company, so designing a website to make a good first impression is important. If a web page is disorganized, outdated, cluttered, or uses a poor color scheme, it can have grave repercussions. Poor web design has been cited by 94% of people as the main reason to reject or mistrust a website. Fortunately, with an estimated 141,400 people working for the web development industry in the United States, finding a custom web design company to help revamp your website is a piece of cake.

When designing your website, you want to work with the web page designer to make sure your page is easy to navigate and user-friendly for both computer users and mobile users. When surveyed, 44% of people reported that navigating a web page from a mobile device was difficult, and 6% had problems interacting with it. When a website is compatible with mobile devices, 67% of shoppers said they were more likely to make a purchase from that website.

In addition to building a better-looking website, you may want to work with a search engine optimization (SEO) company. An SEO agency works with the web design company to boost your website’s ranking on certain search engines, such as Google. The higher in the results a website ranks, the more consumers it can reach. Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective forms of online marketing.

If you think your company’s website needs a facelift, be sure to discuss easy navigation and organized appearance with your web design agency. Once you have the website looking its best, talk to an SEO agency about improved traffic flow and marketing. With web design and SEO working together to update your online presence, you will have no problem building a reputation as a trustworthy company.