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Designing Your Company Website for Success

web design agencyFor several years, the easiest way to make your company stand out was by building a website. Of course, now everyone has a website, so companies’ websites must do more than simply exist. Outdated, disorganized, and cluttered websites make poor first impressions, and a website is often the first interaction a customer has with a company. Working with a web design agency can help bring the company’s website into the modern age, and increase customers.

One of the first things a web page designer will do is optimize the website for use on mobile devices. When surveyed, 44% of mobile users have difficulty navigating websites, and 6% have difficulties interacting with websites. It is currently estimated that 50% of mobile phone owners use their phone as their primary internet source, so making an easy-to-navigate, user friendly mobile website is crucial to a business’ success.

Web design companies recommend keeping content simple and up-to-date. Long blocks of text are visually unappealing, and fail to hold consumers’ attention for long. Content should change with the times, preventing the company from appearing out of touch or dated. Keep content oriented with your target market in mind. If your business sells home renovation kits, don’t cater your content to apartment-dwellers or children.

The best web designers also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. A web design agency that doubles as an SEO service can help build a website in ways that two companies working separately may not be able to. By building your website with SEO in mind, the web designer can be sure that your company’s website will look good and rank highly on internet search results.

Tailoring your company’s website to be accessible is a great way to increase customers. With an interesting, user friendly website, a company can communicate its goals, benefits, and products to markets around the world, whether they are using the internet on a home computer or on the go.

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