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Local SEO for Doctors: Healthcare Industry One of the Most Affected by Inaccurate Local Listings

Local SEO for Doctors

Local SEO for doctors is one of the best methods of ensuring that your patients can find you for a visit. If they search for “pediatrician in Miami,” then your office will come up in the search results if you have included your location in your listings. Online marketing for doctors should include your city or region in your company name to help patients find you. Since statistics show that one-third of doctors have an inaccurate or no online listing, it is important to go online and double-check any listings of your office. You can do this yourself (or have your office staff do it), or you can hire a Medical SEO company to assist you.

Poor or Missing Listings Result in Loss of Business

In April 2019, Yext posted results of an analysis of 1,800 healthcare facilities and 15,000 listings that revealed:

  • 31.5 percent lacked an online local listing. (3.6 times greater than other businesses, at 8.68 percent)
  • Of listed healthcare facilities, 48 percent had basic address errors
  • 29 percent were missing accurate phone numbers

As you can imagine, these problems result in lost business, missed appointments and frustrated patients. It is crucial to understand that Pew Research Center has established that 62 percent of smartphone owners used their phone in the past year to research a health condition, and 67 percent use their smartphone for turn-by-turn directions en route to a location. With 95 percent of patients looking for a doctor in a “nearby location,” and 77 percent of patients using search prior to booking their appointments, having a correct listing is of utmost importance.

How to Correct Your Physician Office Listing

To ensure that your listings are correct, search for your office online and find all of the listings. Then, check the accuracy and correct those that are wrong. You can also check your website listing and any healthcare directories to ensure they are correct and up-to-date.

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