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How to Bring More Patients to a Medical Practice

How to Bring More Patients to a Medical Practice

If you are interested in learning how to bring more patients to a medical practice or ways to increase patient volume, here are some tips to help. They will help you learn how to promote your medical practice and provide you ways to increase patient volume.

1 Focus on Future Patients

Make the focus of your advertising campaign your future patients. Address their specific health needs, concerns and expectations.

2. Don’t Oversell Yourself

Don’t go overboard when making a point about yourself. Provide useful information without bragging.

3. Mention Levels of Discomfort

Mention degrees of pain or levels of discomfort that you have successfully remedied in the past. Encourage future patients to seek treatment before pain takes over.

4. Address Patient Frustrations

Let patients know you understand their frustrations when it comes to long wait times, uncooperative insurance companies and the high cost of healthcare.

5. Educate Prospective Patients

Educate patients who may be looking for new treatment options, improved healthcare plans and possible changes to diagnostic procedures.

6. Offer Tips and Solutions to Health Problems

Provide future patients with valuable tips and solutions to common health problems that many people face. Encourage them to seek treatment.

7. Identify Important Qualities in a Doctor or Dentist

Point out qualities in a healthcare professional that are important, including reputation, experience, quality of care and a good bedside manner.

8. List Benefits of Certain Practices

Elaborate on practices that can improve good health like brushing your teeth, using mouthwash, walking or stretching. Explain the importance of certain activities and encourage patients to perform them often.

9. Promote Word of Mouth

Having patients spread the word is the cheapest, most effective way to get your name out to prospective patients. Encourage your patients to tell their friends and family about your practice and what you thought of the service.

10. Embrace New Technology

Promote state of the art technology by advertising new services you have to offer and explaining how they are used. Showcase their benefits.

11. Use State of the Art Techniques

Begin to incorporate state of the art techniques that are more efficient and cost effective than older, more conventional methods.

12. Promote New Procedures

Talk about the new procedures that you offer. Encourage both new and existing patients to try new procedures that have a proven track record for effectiveness.

13. New Technologies Save Time

Show patients how much time new technologies can save and how cost effective they are. Provide patients with incentives to try new techniques and programs.

14. Offer Notification Texts

Notification texts help to remind patients of appointments and lab tests. Notification texts can be made automatically through computer generated programs.

15. Offer the Convenience of Emails

Be willing to communicate through emails when it comes to setting up appointments and scheduling tests. They can also be a convenient way to ask simple questions concerning medications or test results.

16. Incorporate Social Media

Social media is a cost effective way to reach thousands of people at one time. Posting to several accounts at one time makes it extremely easy to put your name in front of as many people as possible in a very short amount of time.

17. Post on Facebook

Create a Facebook page and post blogs and photos to it often. Invite as many of your current patients as possible to like and share your page.

18. Link Your Accounts

Link all of your social media accounts so that posts are shared across the board each time you submit a new one. This enables you to reach an even wider audience through various social media platforms.

19. Tweet on Twitter

Tweets are short and precise and can offer an abundance of information if written correctly.

20. Post on Instagram

Post pictures of new equipment, staff members and local events on Instagram. This adds a face to your practice.

21.Create a LinkedIn Profile

Add a LinkedIn Profile to attract potential patients who are professionals in their chosen fields. This attracts a more elite audience on social media.

22. Join Foursquare

Create a Foursquare account so your patients can check in and earn points and badges. Not only do you get recognized, patients get recognition for promoting you.

23.Encourage Patients to “Like” Your Page

Ask patients to “like” your Facebook page. By liking your page, they allow your posts to be listed on their page and seen by their friends.

24. Encourage Patients to Share Your Posts

Ask patients to share and comment on your posts. Sharing your posts increases your exposure and allows a larger audience to have access to your information.

25. Create a Blog Posts

Include blogs that contain useful information that is both factual and helpful to the patient. Post to the blog often to keep it appearing in your patients’ news feeds.

26. Boost Your Facebook Page

Give your page a boost by paying for banners and ads that direct potential customers to your page.

27. Make Sure 10% of Your Budget Goes Towards Marketing

When you create a budget for operating your business, make sure 10% goes towards advertising and marketing. Utilize the free exposure you get through social media.

28. Use Several Marketing Strategies

Don’t limit yourself to one particular marketing strategy. Use several to get the widest coverage possible.

29. Advertise on the Radio

If you have to choose one type of media to advertise through, make it radio. It is the one type of media everyone has access to.

30. Buy Unique Business Cards

Create unusual business cards that will easily identify you and what you do. Business cards can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes.

31. Market with Functional Tools

Use functional items to advertise your practice. Note pads, pens, magnets and calendars are just a few of the most common.

32. Create an Online Presence

Establish an online presence that includes websites, social media pages and SEO rankings. Purchase ads and banners that will be shown on various types of pages.

33. Use Mobile Friendly App Designs

Use mobile friendly website designs and apps. The use of smart phones makes it much easier to access the internet from anywhere, at any time, so adds that are easily adaptable to smaller screens are a must.

34. Push Your Brand Message

Improve your brand message by making it easily recognizable. When potential patients can easily identify your logo or brand, you will be thought of more often when they need your services.

35. Incorporate SEO

Use SEO keywords and phrases to advertise a growing medical practice. This helps to boost rankings in top search engines.

36. Use Keywords and Phrases

SEO keywords and phrases need to be used at least once every 100 words or so to be effective. It is important that they appear naturally within the content.

37. Websites Aren’t Enough

Websites are good but they aren’t enough when it comes to growing a medical practice. In addition to websites, use social media, text messages and emails to help bring people to your office.

38. Create Quality Content

For content to be effective it must be easy to read and contain useful information. Hire a writer that understands the benefits of SEO and can produce quality content.

39. Keep Websites Updated

Update websites and social media pages often and include useful healthcare tips and ideas. Add video segments.

40. Provide Fresh Insight

Provide a new take on old blogs. Add new information and post updates about new techniques and procedures.

41. Create THE Brand

Create a one of a kind brand that will stand out among all of the others. Don’t let your competition out do you.

42. Incorporate Your Values

Include your values in all of your posts, blogs and advertisements. Show what is important to you.

43. Know Your Patients’ Needs

Understand what your patients need and make sure they understand that their health is your first priority.

44. Accentuate Your High Points

Focus your high points, talents and areas of expertise. Highlight your qualifications.

45. Use Counters On Your Pages

Using a counter on webpages to track how many people visit your page. Use that information to fine tune your marketing strategies.

46. Track Your History

Track your online viewing history through the number of likes and times your social media pages are viewed.

47. Learn How to Evaluate Your Progress

Learn how to track and monitor your progress by effectively using the tools provided by social media, such as page boosters and notifications.

48. Learn How Medical SEO Works

Incorporate words that will normally be used when a person searches for your type of specialty as SEO keywords and phrases.

49. Communicate Effectively

Learn how to communicate effectively by making your message as clear and informative as possible.

50. Use YouTube

Post videos that send a precise message concerning a healthcare tip or concern on YouTube so that potential patients can see your face and hear your voice.

51. Show Your Experience

Share with your patients your areas of expertise. Don’t be afraid to be proud of your accomplishments.

52. Showcase Particular Areas of Expertise

Explain your areas of expertise and help people to understand exactly what a procedure is if it is unclear.

53. Promote Yourself to Patients With Incentives

Offer incentives to your patients to keep up with regular checkups and visits. Dentists can give away free toothbrushes and floss or small bottles of mouthwash.

54. Give Back to the Community

Donate to the community by volunteering your time for important causes. Team up with your staff and family members and enter a chili cook off or a Relay for Life event.

55. Donate to Charities

Donate to organizations and charities that are pertinent to your practice, for example a cardiologist could donate to the American Heart Association.

56. Participate in Public Events

Attend and take part in public events as a volunteer host or judge. Be an announcer for a Special Olympic event or a community contest.

57. Open a Booth at Festivals and Local Fairs

Open a booth at local health fairs and festivals so you can introduce yourself personally to potential patients. Hand out flyers or small gift bags.

58. Offer Support for High School Events

Support high school events by taking out ads in yearbooks and the team’s flyers for sporting events.

59. Ask Patients to Post Reviews on Social Media

Encourage patients to commeon posts and post reviews on social media and their own personal social media pages. Encourage them to spread the word.

60. Improve Your Popularity

Increase your popularity by addressing public concerns and letting patients know you truly care. Volunteer for organizations you know your patients belong to.

61. Increase the Number of Blogs You Have

Add your blogs on your website and social media pages frequently. This keeps your page in your patients’ news feeds.

62. Offer Well Written Content

Make sure all of the content you provide in blogs and brochures is well written and addresses a specific point or concern.

63. Be Creative

Have fun and be creative when it comes to your advertising methods, like sponsoring a youth baseball team or creating your own team for participating in local charity events.

64. Add Photos

Include photos to your blog or social media pages that show you, your staff and your office. Include photos of new equipment.

65. Use Videos

Add personalized videos to help patients understand certain procedures. Narrate them yourself for a personal touch.

66. Keep Blogs Close to 800 Words

Blogs should be approximately 800 words or less to prevent the reader from losing interest. They should also include useful information.

67. Provide Useful Information

Always offer useful information in your blogs and posts so patients can get fast answers to common questions.

68. Make Public Appearances

Offer to host local events. Keep yourself in the public by participating in local charity events and festivals.

69. Focus on Facts

Focus on the important issues and facts and avoid excessive wording that doesn’t hold value. Don’t bore your reader, intrigue them!

70. Have Patients Add You to Their Circles

Have patients include you in n their online networks and circles, like “Google Circles” and LinkedIn groups.

71. Use Google Places

Sign up for Google Places so you appear at the top of the list during a search.

72. Register on Yelp

Registering your practice Yelp offers you the same online presence as the Yellow Pages or a phone book and also provides an abundance of information. It also includes client reviews.

73. Utilize Manta

Manta is used to offer patients the most accurate information possible on a business. Register your business and keep your profile updated.

74. Visit Nursing Homes and Daycares

Stop in at nursing homes and daycare facilities, introducing yourself to patients, parents, friends and relatives.

75. Ask for Referrals from Patients

Ask patients to refer friends and family members to your office. Word of mouth is the best way to get your name out there and it’s free.

76. Have Colleagues Provide Referrals

Ask colleagues refer patients to your office if they need your special area of expertise.

77. Return the Favor

If colleagues refer patients to you, make sure to return the favor. Create a referral network of your peers.

78. Become Part of a Network

Join a network of professionals who work together to help build one another’s business by referring patients and exchanging services.

79. Track Your Referrals

Closely monitor your referrals to find out where they came from and who has sent you the most. This will tell you who you need to work with on a frequent basis.

80. Use An Electronic Program to Monitor Referrals

Collect as much information as possible and record your referrals in an electronic program to monitor them. This shows you what marketing strategy is working and what is not.

81. Keep Accurate Records

Make sure to keep as accurate records as possible so you can track the information you receive effectively.

82. Ask Patients If They Were Referred

Talk to your patients and find out if they were referred and by whom. Let them know how important referrals are to your business.

83. Work with Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Contact your Chamber of Commerce to setup and volunteer at community events.

84. Attend Local Events

Participate in local events and introduce yourself to residents who live in your area. Always have business cards or brochures to hand out.

85. Introduce Yourself

Always make it a point to introduce yourself at local events, public gatherings and festivals. Let people know you are active in the community and that you care about your patients.

86. Invite Patients to Events

Email your patients and invite them to visit your booth at local health fairs, hospital events or public events. Encourage them to attend local events.

87. Host an Event

Host a health fair or public health screening for certain types of illnesses or diseases.

88. Bring Your Staff

Include your staff with you to public events so they can be introduced as well. Have your staff mingle with the crowd and introduce themselves.

89. Encourage People to Subscribe to Your Blog/Website

Encourage people to check your website and subscribe to your blog or website to receive updates and new information.

90. Have an Email Sign Up Sheet

Place an email sign up sheet in a convenient location so your patients can receive emails and updates in their inbox.

91. Use Online Marketing Strategies

Incorporate online marketing strategies that broaden your audience through both social media and website promotions. Utilize as many social media platforms as possible.

92. Incorporate Referral Marketing

Use referral marketing where many professionals work together to create a system of referring clients to one another.

93. Widen Your Network

Broaden your business network to include a variety of healthcare professionals. Get together on a regular basis to share ideas.

94. Build Your Own Network

Begin to build your own network that includes professionals both in and out of the healthcare field.

95. Include Your Staff

Include your pffice staff in your promotional advertising and encourage them to participate in local charity events.

96. Use a Physician’s Liaison

Hire a physician’s liaison to work at public and community events to help get referrals and provide information to the public about upcoming events, new techniques and treatment plans.

97. Get the Best ROI

Get the best return on your investment by monitoring and tracking the marketing strategies you have in place.

98. Monitor Your Competition

Keep an eye on your competition to make sure you are competitive in both rates and the quality of service. Watch their advertising to see how they are reaching out to the public.

99. Protect Your Reputation

Protect your practice and your reputation by maintaining a positive image within the community. Reinforce that by offering to help those who are in need.

100. Message Boards

Message boards have been around for a while, with more and more active online health communities (reddit, WebMD, etc.) taking an active stance in thesxe communities can really help your outreach with potential patients or referrals.

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