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Is your web design helping or hurting your business?

web design

Your website’s design is a major factor in how successful it will be. In fact, 94% of people say that web design is why they trust or do not trust a website. Therefore, it is important to have excellent web design. If this is not something you are capable of doing for yourself, you can hire a web design service to help you with it. Regardless of how it’s done, though, it is important to know whether your web design is helping or hurting your business.

First impressions

Your website’s home page gives your potential customer their first impression of your business. Because of this, it is important that they see a professional-looking site that lines up with your offline brand. If your web design is poorly done and unattractive, people will assume that your business is unprofessional. A web design service can pinpoint all of the things your site needs, like a good color scheme and attractive images. If it looks professional, people will trust you more with their money.

Practical navigation

People need to be able to use your website. How difficult is it to find the information they need? Do you have easy navigation that flows in a natural way, or is the site cluttered and unorganized? Even if it looks nice, people will get frustrated and leave if they can’t use it. This will cost you customers before you can even show them what you offer. So, make sure that people can find everything they’re looking for and they’ll be more likely to stay.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for your site. It makes your website visible and attractive to major search engines. Your web design service might also offer SEO help, so take them up on it. Make sure that your target keywords are in the right places and that you’re not keyword stuffing on your pages. This will help behind the scenes when it brings customers in. It will also work where they can see it by giving them the information they need.

If you have a business, you need a website, and that website needs to be optimized for your customers’ use. Website design can help or hurt your business, so make sure that you’re doing everything you can to ensure your website is attracting new customers instead of detracting them. For help with website design and more, contact IBIS Studio today.

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