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How to Get Customers For a Windows & Doors Company

You have about 50 milliseconds to reach customers seeking windows and doors services once they see your website. Start with fine-tuning your local search listings as much as possible. The longest time customers might spend on your site is approximately 15 seconds, so make the most of it when showcasing who you are and what you can do for them.

Here are some tips to help you get more customers for your windows and doors company using SEO.

Keywords That Match Your Expertise

Broad keywords such as “windows and doors” or “windows and doors installation” might give you the most amount of traffic. However, those words won’t necessarily specify your geographical region or highlight all the services you offer. To target the kind of customers who need your service, you need to find the keywords that best describe your expertise. For instance, you might want to specify “aluminum windows” and if you also provide window maintenance and repair along with replacement.

You’ll also want to analyze how your keyword search terms perform. This involves making sure the words on your website pages will appear on the first page of local search engine results near the customer making the query. One important factor to consider is how well the keywords you use do convert into sales. You can’t thrive on irrelevant leads. For instance, if you don’t offer “window cleaning,” that keyword wouldn’t help you much.

Vital Contact Information

List as much information as possible on your local search pages and your website. Potential customers should have immediate access to your company name, address, phone number, and email or contact page when they see your listing after searching for window and door services. Take advantage of the space you have to also let interested people know when you’re open and how to make an appointment to meet you.

Website Visual Appeal

What does visual appeal have to do with SEO? It focuses on what your potential “windows and doors” customers might see after they followed your local search listing and have visited your website. Once they reach your page, you have about .05 seconds to impress them. Visual appeal, however, relates more to how you organize your site pages than the images and graphics that slow down your page loading time.

Make sure your website has the information most relevant to it in the spots customers would look. With these simple SEO and website tips, your business will begin performing better than ever before. For digital marketing expertise, contact IBIS Studio today.

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