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HTTP 302: What does that mean for your SEO ranking?

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An HTTP status code is a standard response code that website servers give on the Internet, but what does this specific code mean for your SEO ranking?

There are a lot of different HTTP status codes you can run into. And one of the most common codes is HTTP 302. So what is HTTP 302 and what does it mean when it pops up on a web page?

What does this error code mean?

The status code HTTP 302 is one of the most common status codes you’ll see while scrolling the Internet. It might even be more common than HTTP 404.

You’ll see this error when the web page you’re trying to access has been moved to a different location by a 302 redirect. Unlike a 301 redirect that permanently moves you from one location to another, the 302 redirect is only temporary.

If an HTTP 302 is set up correctly, you won’t notice it. The redirect is smooth, like a web page James Bond. The 302 redirect ought to send you to the new location of the page immediately.

It doesn’t always get along with your Google SEO Ranking

An unfortunate problem you may run into with an HTTP 302 is that Google doesn’t treat these redirects kindly. The redirect is caused by the web server you’re trying to reach, not the web browser itself.

This can cause issues with Google’s crawler. For instance, the Google crawler might identify a permanent 301 redirect. But it could also ignore a temporarily 302 redirect.

What does that mean for your SEO ranking? It might be a better idea to permanently redirect to a new page.

You can lose a lot of traffic and drop your search ranking when online users think your website isn’t working. A permanent 301 redirect ensures your website takes your users where you want them to go.

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