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5 Reasons Why Your DIY SEO Strategy is Failing

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In 2019, most business owners know that they can’t afford to forget about search engine marketing and optimization. But you may still think that you can get away with tackling this task yourself — just as you do with countless other responsibilities within your organization. Unfortunately, going the DIY route can produce less-than-impressive results. At best, your efforts won’t pay off; at worst, you might end up doing irreparable damage to your brand.

You might think this sounds a bit alarmist, but there’s a good reason why so many organizations seek out internet marketing help: your strategy won’t be nearly as effective without guidance from a real SEO expert. If you’re attempting to DIY your SEO, here are five reasons why you might want to reconsider.

  1. You Can’t Keep Up With Changing SEO Trends
    One of the most important things to learn about search engine optimization is that it’s always evolving. That means that techniques that were fairly successful a year or two ago may now be obsolete. If you think that one book or a single blog post about SEO practices will help you achieve your goals, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Keeping up with Google’s changing algorithms and new recommendations truly is a full-time job. Even if you have some interest in this field, there’s no way that your knowledge can compare with that of an SEO expert.
  2. You Aren’t Following the Rules
    While SEO does have some mystery involved, there are certain features we know Google likes to see — and ones it definitely doesn’t. As an SEO novice, you’re probably not as fully informed on these recommendations as a professional would be. That can actually have substantial consequences on your ability to rank. If your website or SEO strategy violates Google’s recommendations, your ranking could worsen or even disappear from search results altogether. Making a couple of minute mistakes can result in huge penalties, depending on the circumstances. Most business owners don’t want to take that risk, which is why they’ll chose to hire an SEO expert instead.
  3. You Think Social Media is Optional
    A lot of people assume that social media accounts really aren’t necessary for their industry or for their particular line of business. But by opting out of social media channels, you’re going to miss out on valuable traffic and sales and limit your brand awareness. Nearly two-thirds of marketers say Facebook is their most important social platform, so failing to establish a Facebook page and update it regularly can be a major oversight in your SEO strategy. Of course, you shouldn’t stop there; Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other channels can also provide greater web visibility and traffic. Social media can be mystifying for many business owners, so don’t be afraid to outsource these needs to a working professional.
  4. You Think More and Faster Equals Better
    Search engine optimization isn’t about obtaining the fastest results or using the most obvious tactics. It’s much more organic, which allows you to build a natural presence over time. That can be frustrating to some people at first, but it’s far better for your business in the end; it’s simply more sustainable and appealing to audiences. If you’re convinced that results aren’t happening quickly enough, you might resort to shady tactics in order to rank or give up on SEO altogether. You need to have patience and work with someone who understands that the best things in life often take a little time.
  5. You Don’t Have Extra Time
    And speaking of time… you’ll need a lot of it if you want to do SEO yourself. This isn’t a concept you can master in a few days (or even a few months). It’s complex and forever changing, which means you have to make it a priority. That may not be possible, given the extent of all your other responsibilities. While SEO experts dedicate themselves to a constant schedule of learning and mastering new tactics, you most likely don’t have the interest, the energy, or the spare time to make that kind of commitment.

Although there are some who might find SEO success by embracing the DIY ethos, most discover that hiring an SEO expert is really the most cost-effective and time efficient way to go. For more info, contact us today.

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