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How Proper Web Design for Schools Improves Credibility

Have you ever thought about how web design for schools affects your institution’s reputation? According to Statista, about 48% of people surveyed said that web design helped them decide if a business was credible. Let’s take a look at what you can add to your website with proper web design that can boost its credibility.

Easy to Use Functions

Web design features should make your site easy for everyone to use. Intuitive design features will ensure that guests of the site can find the information they want to find easily. Research has shown that websites will earn credibility by being easy to use, but ease of use is only part of the equation. Professional website design for your school will help you raise credibility points with interested parties by including other features to create integrity among guests.

Useful Information

Another high-ranking feature among users regarding credibility is whether the website has useful information, such as contact information, the school’s history, classes offered, and other pertinent information that should be readily accessible on the site. The more useful the information is perceived, the more credible the school is perceived.

Error-Free Wed Design

Professional design teams have a check and balance system to ensure that the web design they’ve created is error-free. Typos, incorrect information, and other faux pas are frowned upon by users. A recent survey found that misspellings, typos, and other errors are directly related to whether a guest will trust the website, so it’s vital for school web design to be completely error-free.

Fully Functional Experience

Function is a key factor for any web design. Visitors will navigate away from your website within the first three seconds if the website is not fully functional, and they expect the same mobile experience as they would on their computer. Responsive design must ensure that visitors have the same experience across all devices. A visually stunning and fully functional website that answers questions for visitors and provides accurate information is a must for any school to increase its enrollment number.

Your website is the first experience parents will have with your school, so it’s important to make the right impression. You can make a great impression by taking advantage of professional web design for schools is how you make the right first impression. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the importance of any kind of web design.