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Does Your Business Have a Video on Google Maps Yet?

When potential customers look up your business on Google Maps, what do they find? Soon, the answer could include a virtual tour of your store or video preview of your food. Thanks to Google’s upcoming video upload options, you’re getting one more way to boost your Miami local SEO rankings, but for now it’s in your customers’ hands. So, how do you take advantage of it?

Upgrade Your Google Maps Listing With Some Help

If you want to compete with other Miami businesses, Google Maps is already one of the best ways to do it. It’s a vital way for customers to find and learn about local businesses – a virtual phone book with far more information in a far more convenient, interactive package. But what makes Maps trustworthy is the fact that it’s largely curated by the users themselves. This new video option will be no different.

For now, only local guides with Android phones will have access to the “upload video” feature. These users earn points and perks for adding valuable information to Google Maps listings. In fact, local guides in Miami may already be responsible for some of the reviews, photos, and other information attached to your Google Maps listing. Now that guides can upload their own videos, they can provide another valuable service for your business, and it’s your job to make it easy for them.

Invite Guides to Show Off Your Products & Services

Social media has already turned customers into volunteer advertisers, from restaurant guests who Instagram their meals to homeowners who use Facebook to review lawn services. Now, Google Maps is harnessing the power of the camera phone too, and you can use it to your advantage. Just imagine what you’d want a brand new customer to see, because every video on your listing is a virtual first impression.

Always be camera-ready, but go one step farther and create opportunities for brief videos. Encourage your customers to create clips of your store shelves, inviting lobby, or comfy beds. Make sure local guides get videos of your special events, from sales that draw big crowds to private parties that feature your new menu items. Your competitors may not even know about Google Maps videos yet, so this is your chance to upgrade your listing and help it stand out in Miami local SEO rankings.