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What does organic mean when marketing a private school?


Marketing a private school can involve many different strategies and techniques, all with the same goal: to attract potential students and their parents. In the age of the internet, information is readily available, and schools must stand out to attract students. A common point for these institutions to focus on is the term “organic.” We will discuss what this term means and why it’s important.

What It Means

If you’re working on increasing enrollment, then they could hire an SEO company to organically make the school appear higher on Google searches by using keywords. Doing so would increase visibility without purchasing an advertisement. Another example of using organic marketing to increase student enrollment is by building meaningful relationships with the students and parents. Starting this bond early can foster a positive relationship by being able to showcase the academy’s positive qualities by prioritizing transparency.

Why It’s Important

When marketing a school, organic tactics are essential to improving enrollment. According to the National Association of Independent Schools, organic marketing was the second most successful strategy, just behind social media. It’s essential to many businesses when it comes to cost-effectiveness because it reduces or even eliminated the need for paid advertising campaigns. By focusing on building strong relationships over promotional tactics, positive word-of-mouth will build, which creates a sustainable marketing approach that doesn’t need consistent ad runs.

The Role of Social Media

According to a report from Sales Force Marketing Cloud, 83% of customers “love” or “like” when a business responds to them on social media. Having an active social media presence can do wonders when marketing a private school. Posting to social media is free, and a consistent presence can lead to more organic traffic from potential students or their parents with the use of keywords.

Organic marketing plays a vital role in the growth of a private school and it offers a refreshing approach to parents in the area. The emphasis on relationship building can differentiate one academy from its competitors. It provides a cost-effective way of marketing the school, while at the same time building a loyal community of students and alumni. Reach out to our team at IBIS to talk with a member of our team about how our marketing services can improve your institution’s growth.