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Welcome to Our New Client: Renata DeWeert

SEO and design services

Our society is evolving. We are no longer perceiving women only for how they appear, but by who they are. The definition of beauty spans beyond size, shape, color, and age. Every day that goes by women are seeing more female representation, whether it is in the boardroom or in a magazine. Women in their 50’s, 60’s, and even 80’s are influencing industries and reclaiming their place in society. Ibis Studio’s new client is breaking down barriers in the modeling industry, and showing the world there is more to women than their age. Meet our new client, Renata DeWeert.

​Who She Is 

Before Renata DeWeert was founder and CEO of INNOVAE, before she was a mother, Renata was a model. She started modeling when she was 15, and represented national and international brands. A few years later, she became Model of the Year 1980. Then, she set a new path for herself in business, and raising a family joined in on the journey. Now, she is returning to her passion for the runway. One of her goals is to show how her generation differs from previous ones. Mature female models have so much to give. In a world with unlimited possibilities, she and many others are making use of what is in their grasp. Renata’s goal is to inspire other women to go after what they want, what they dream of. She is ready to show the world how women can take care of their image, advance their knowledge, defend their rights, and still shine as the bright women they are. Renata DeWeert sees the opportunity before her to make a positive impact, and she is going for it.

​What We Do 

Becoming a modeling icon cannot happen overnight, and not without the right team to do the job. Ibis Studio is ready to go on this journey with Renata DeWeert, and help her accomplish her goals. To be an inspiring model, Renata needs to be found easily in search engines, and with a beautifully designed website for her portfolio and other additional features. Our SEO and design services have made it possible for modeling agencies, brands, and other aspiring models to find her website with limited clicks. We want Renata to make a name for herself in the modeling community and add more to the conversation about mature, female models. Our social media services helped her create a space on multiple social media platforms for others to connect with her, and follow her on her journey.